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U14 Round 11 March 6th 2017

Rocklands v Gt.Ellingham

Even though Rocklands had won all of their games, Hethersett & Tas Valley’s superior points total threatened to derail their chance to add the U14 zipleague Derek Barnard Cup to that of the summer U13, U15 and Carnival trophies. So, in this final game against Gt.Ellingham, the task was clear; win with more than 12 batting and bowling points to secure the sixth season’s title.

Gt.Ellingham, previous winners themselves, pinned down Rocklands’ first two pairs with four wickets in the first eight overs, restricting them to a paltry 16 runs. Prospects looked poor at this stage of the game but as in their last fixture, run scoring improved with the last pair as they added forty off their two power plays. With 160 on the board, the batters opted for extreme caution, dotting out the last six balls without scoring.

Ellingham set off in jaunty style as their first two added 19 for a single wicket. With five bowling points still required, Ellingham continued to advance their score until the sixth over when the second wicket fell. At 124, Ellingham clearly felt they were in with a shout before a hat trick of wickets brought the crucial breakthrough for Rocklands. With just a single point now required, this came in the ninth over as Ellingham’s challenge faded away and Rocklands were finally able to celebrate their well-deserved victory of both the game and as the sixth winners’ of the Derek Barnard Cup.

Rocklands 160 for 4 (extras 22). Gt.Ellingham 109 for 7 (extras 10). Rocklands won by 51 runs.

Gt.Melton v Topcroft

In the final game of the season Melton, three times champions, and current holders Topcroft took to the floor in a third place decider. This was a pretty polished performance with the bat by Melton against a solid Topcroft attack even though the bowlers were not quite on the money and unable to put Melton’s batting under any real pressure. They did manage to collect four wickets but even so, Melton’s final total of 152 would prove a testing target.

It wasn’t to be Topcroft’s night though as they were unable to develop any real momentum and lost wickets throughout their innings. By the end of the eighth over they were back where they started. A couple of batting points would have enabled then to cling on to third place but even this objective eluded them as resistance evaporated and they finished well short of the winning line enabling Melton to grab the third spot by a single point.

Gt.Melton 152 for 4 (extras 12). Topcroft 106 for 7 (extras 12). Gt.Melton won by 46 runs.

U14 Round 10 February 27th 2017

Rocklands v Old Buckenham Girls

While Rocklands were looking to rack up the batting points to keep clear water between themselves and Tas Valley, Old Buckenham chose the moment to turn in their best bowling performance of the season. Even so Rocklands demonstrated little inclination to look for the singles and it was to be the ninth over before the first 3 run score was logged. With only 30 on the board by the eighth over, much was required from the final pair and they duly obliged, advancing the total to 149 half way through the eleventh power play. Although 170 now looked eminently possible, both batters were guilty of a rather cavalier approach and duly paid the price, losing five wickets off the last eight balls and turning a potentially large score into something rather less memorable.

Not only did the girls bowl and field their best in this game they were also far more animated and really seemed to be enjoying themselves. But their batting is still work in progress and they steadily lost wickets throughout the innings as Rocklands sought to make up for the points they really should have scored while batting; their below par tally of 35 piling on the pressure for their final match against Gt.Ellingham when they will need 33 points to overcome table topping Tas.

Rocklands 123 for 7 (extras 18). Old Buckenham Girls 93 for 13 (extras 8). Rocklands won by 30 runs.

Topcroft v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Topcroft were rather under strength in this, their penultimate game, but Tas, the most consistent team of the season, could certainly not be criticised of complacency. No quarter was offered to Topcroft who were overwhelmed by Tas’ solid bowling and committed fielding - 106 in the sixth over representing the pinnacle of their efforts.

Tas, like Rocklands, needed points too and set off like a train with their eye on the prize. 44 for the first pair, 32 for the second and 26 for the third saw them break through the 200 mark for the second time this season, the only team to do so.  It would have been even more but Topcroft enjoyed some success at the end of the game, capturing three wickets to provide at least some consolation for their perseverance and hard work.

Topcroft 90 for 8 (extras 14). Hethersett & Tas Valley 207 for 3 (extras 24). Tas Valley won by 117 runs.


U12 Round 9 February 22nd 2017

Two games of the very highest quality brought the curtain down on the inaugural U12 zipleague season. With Brooke looking to secure their first ever SNCL title they would have to first overcome Acle and then league leaders Mattishall.

Acle v Brooke B

Despite the setback of two wickets, one a power play, in the first four overs, Acle, aided by an uncharacteristic number of extras from Brooke, added 18 to get their innings off to a positive start. But Brooke applied the brakes in the middle order as the second pair, again losing two wickets, were only able to advance the total by 5. By now, Brooke were in the groove and Acle’s rate plummeted. A maiden in the tenth and then a disappointing eleventh over power play left them with just 21 on the board before a minor rally off the final six balls enabled Acle to post a competitive 130.

Acle were even more generous than Brooke had been with their extras in the opening overs but even so Brooke found run scoring difficult and, losing a single wicket, were still 3 short of Acle’s total at the same stage. Their second pair also lost a single wicket as they added a further 12. With just four runs required from the last two, including both power plays a win for Brooke seemed certain, but a wicket in the ninth gave Acle renewed hope and in the final two power play overs they bowled their hearts out coming close to bagging the wicket that would have won them the game. Brooke however held their nerve and the eight runs collected from these twelve balls was enough to secure the win.

Acle 130 for 5 (extras 30). Brooke B 135 for 3 (extras 26). Brooke won by 5 runs.

Brooke B v Mattishall

Brooke batted first in this game with their opening pair negotiating their overs without loss and scoring 16. Mattishall’s bowling and fielding was of a high standard and two wickets in the sixth halted Brooke’s gathering momentum with just 7 net runs from the middle order. The ninth and tenth overs, with only 11 scored and a wicket lost, saw the total swelled by just 6 before the final two power play overs proved more productive, even with the single wicket, as a further 20 left Brooke to finish on 149.

Mattishall’s third over power play was disappointing but even with losing a single wicket they were still well up with the rate as the second pair started their innings. But it was this four overs that were to prove pivotal in the contest. The bowling was of the very highest standard and Mattishall managed only four scoring shots and with two wickets lost and zero contribution from extras, the score drifted backwards.  It looked pretty much all over before an assault by the first of Mattishall’s final two added an astonishing 34 runs off their ninth power play over to bring them just four short of victory. But Brooke struck back with three wickets in the tenth and, saving their best bowlers ‘til last, strangled any run scoring attempts in the final two overs as Mattishall finished 8 short in an exhilarating and entertaining encounter fitting as the end of season finale.

Brooke B 149 for 3 (extras 30). Mattishall 141 for 6 (extras 12). Brooke B won by 8 runs.


U14 Round 9 February 20th 2017

Gt.Melton v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Melton’s first pair laid down a solid platform adding 18 without loss before Tas wrested back the advantage in the following four overs. Taking three wickets, one of them a power play, from these two checked Melton’s momentum but even so, a positive 10 propelled the board in the right direction; 28 showing after eight overs. In the final dash and with 16 added off their power play 150 plus looked a dead cert before a wicket in the final over left Melton  concluding their innings on 148.

There was an uncanny symmetry to Tas’ reply except that they lost their cluster of three wickets early on. Even so they were well up with the rate as the second pair arrived at the crease. Melton bowled and fielded with their usual aplomb but Tas worked the ball around the hall as they approached the target, adding a further 18. With 16 still needed from the final pair, the climax of the game was shaping up to be a real thriller. Melton gave little away, restricting Tas to just two runs off their eleventh over power play, still two shy of the winning line. By the third ball of the final over Tas were three ahead before a wicket off the penultimate delivery left them two short again. Talk about tense; one ball remaining and three runs required. Off this final ball Tas scampered a run single while the throw missed the stumps, ending the most entertaining and exciting game of the season.

Gt.Melton 148 for 4 (extras 20). Hethersett & Tas Valley 149 for 4 (extras 14). Tas Valley won by 1 run.

Gt.Ellingham v Old Buckenham

Nothing could really match the breathless exhilaration of the first game and, batting first, Gt.Ellingham made a pretty good job of run collecting but, with Old Buckenham bowling as well as they have all winter, lost wickets too. All of the pairs suffered setbacks and although they were on 119 after eight, this was to be as good as it got.

Ellingham were unable to exert any real pressure on Old Buckenham especially as all but one of their bowlers really struggled with their line. Largely through the generous contribution of extras Buckenham were already well ahead after eight and the final two batters, with almost all pressure removed, were able to play some expansive cricket. Ellingham did take three wickets here but even this did little to slow Old Buckenham’s progress as they ended the game well ahead on 170.

Gt.Ellingham 117 for 7 (extras 24). Old Buckenham 170 for 4 (extras 42). Old Buckenham won by 53 runs.

U12 Round 8 February 9th 2017

Tas rode their luck in the opening stages of the game with Brooke skimming the stumps on several occasions – an early wicket and accurate bowling restricting the first pair to 18. But luck can often run out as it did in the middle order as four Tas wickets were lost, two of which were power plays, and the score tumbled backwards. With this setback something special was required from the final two who were up to the mark, batting sensibly and holding on to their wickets to add a priceless 39 runs.

It was the fifth over before Brooke lost their first wicket but, even so, only 13 had been added by the end of the eighth. Tas had never bowled better and Brooke became bogged down – there were three maidens in the innings and two overs in which only a single run was added, such was the proficiency of Tas’ attack. But a glimmer of hope persisted for Brooke – two final power play overs. But Tas kept up the pressure restricting Brooke to just 10 off the eleventh before a wicket in the last confirmed Tas’ well-earned victory.

Hethersett & Tas Valley 145 for 5 (extras 18). Brooke A 122 for 4 (extras 12). Hethersett & Tas Valley won by 23 runs.

U14 Round 8 February 6th 2017

Old Buckenham v Topcroft

This was by far Old Buckenham’s most confident batting performance this season with all three pairs making a positive contribution to their highest score. Topcroft bowled with real determination and there was an intensity within the team that has been absent from some of their earlier games.  But Buckenham’s defence was far more resilient on this occasion and although they were unfortunate to lose two power play wickets in the penultimate over they still finished with 175 on the board.

Unfortunately, Old Buckenham’s huge improvement with the bat was not matched by their performance with the ball. The fielding was of a high standard but their bowlers were unable to exert any real pressure on the Topcroft batsmen and by the end of the eighth over Topcroft were already in front. There was to be a consolation wicket for Old Bucks in the final over but this was scant reward for their efforts as Topcroft won by 18 runs.

Old Buckenham 175 for 2 (extras 18). Topcroft 193 for 1 (extras 30). Topcroft won by 18 runs.

U12 Round 7 February 1st 2017

Brooke B v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Brooke B set off at a blistering pace and helped with some big hitting from the openers, including three straight sixes, added 39 from their efforts. Tas managed to wrestle back some control of the game in the middle order as the first two wickets fell and only a net single was added to the score. But Brooke’s final pair resumed the onslaught against the Tas attack and, making the very most of their final two overs - both power plays, added a further 44 to finish on the highest total of the competition.

Tas started modestly with their first pair adding 14 to provide a decent platform for those following, but Brooke’s attack really was exemplary. There were only 8 extras, by far the lowest in both competitions this winter, and they also caught all of their catches, including an outstanding effort at square leg. Tas batted sensibly but the runs just wouldn’t come and still requiring 67 off the final four overs they had no option but to abandon all caution with the inevitable result.

Brooke B 186 for 3 (extras 26). Hethersett & Tas Valley 98 for 8 (extras 8). Brooke B won by 88 runs.

Mattishall v Garboldisham

Mattishall had a cheerless start to their game losing three wickets and ending in negative territory. But from then on things looked up with 20 added from the fifth over, a power play, plus a further 19 from this second pair boosting the total to 138. A big score for Mattishall beckoned but Garboldisham bowled and fielded tightly in these final overs, including a maiden in the tenth, and with a wicket in the penultimate over skilfully restricted Mattishall to 153.

Two wickets and an abundance of extras left Garboldisham six to the good after four. The second pair batted with real panache and the runs came freely but so too did the wickets, helped, like Brooke before them, by Mattishall’s proficient catching. 33 required off the last four, including a power play, was a real possibility but Mattishall had saved the best ‘til last, bowling only one extra and taking four wickets as Garboldisham’s dash for runs was extinguished.

Mattishall 153 for 5 (extras 24). Garboldisham 112 for 10 (extras 22). Mattishall won by 41 runs.


U14 Round 7 January 30th 2017

Old Buckenham Girls v Gt.Ellingham

A new confidence enfolded Old Buckenham’s Girls as, for almost the first time in the season, they batted with greater assertion seeking out the run singles against a buoyant Gt.Ellingham side. But although the runs flowed, so did the wickets. The first pair lost four but still ended their time in positive territory and their successors continued the good work adding a further 18. With both of their power plays at the end of the innings a score of 150 looked a real possibility but with Ellingham’s generous delivery of extras curtailed and three wickets falling it was a case of what might have been.

With only five runs needed, there was no need for any heroics from Ellingham. The girls bowled and fielded with real commitment, bagging five wickets, but the result was never in any doubt as Ellingham ran out winners by 30 runs.

Old Buckenham Girls 104 for 8 (extras 30). Gt.Ellingham 134 for 5 (extras 22). Gt.Ellingham won by 30 runs.

Rocklands v Hethersett & Tas Valley

There was a high standard of cricket in this top of the table clash between two unbeaten teams. Rocklands, batting first, lost early wickets against Tas’ disciplined attack before recovering mid innings to add 21 for the second pair. Much would depend on the efforts of the final two if a decent target was to be set. Despite Tas taking three wickets from this, Rocklands still succeeded in reaching 136.

This was not a big total but Tas were under the cosh right from the start as Rocklands elevated their game to a higher level. There were few run scoring opportunities and at the end of the eighth over, with Rocklands having gathered three wickets, Tas were only nine runs to the good. Twenty eight runs off four overs, even including both power plays, should have been possible but Rocklands bowled and fielded superbly extinguishing any real scoring chances. Even without losing a wicket Tas still fell a frustrating five runs short in an outstanding example, from both sides, of indoor youth cricket.

Rocklands 136 for 6 (extras 18). Hethersett & Tas Valley 131 for 3 (extras 10). Rocklands won by 5 runs.


U12 Round 6 January 25th 2017

Mattishall v Acle

An absolutely storming start by Mattishall’s first pair saw them add 44 as Acle wheeled away with little success. Although the tempo slowed slightly in the middle order, there was still a further 29 added to the total as Mattishall surged towards posting the highest score of the tournament so far. It was not that Acle bowled poorly, quite the opposite, but on this occasion the force was simply not with them as the ball missed the stumps by the tiniest of margins on countless occasions. There was to be a consolation wicket for Acle, the only one to fall, in the final over but without this Mattishall would have surely overhauled the highest total set by Garboldisham of 183.

The principal weakness in this competition has often been dropped catches. Catches win matches so they say as Mattishall amply demonstrated. Acle had to chase the game right from the off and although they batted with a good deal of competence, they had absolutely no luck at all. Every half chance in the air was snaffled up by Mattishall and the subsequent loss of wickets snuffed out any chance of victory. The result would suggest that Mattishall were vastly superior but that would be misleading. This was an even handed match in which Mattishall had most of the luck and Acle very little.

Many thanks to Acle for providing a substitute fielder to five man Mattishall.

Mattishall 183 for 1 (extras 30). Acle 125 for 8 (extras 28). Mattishall won by 58 runs.

Brooke A v Brooke B

To field a six man U12 team in the middle of winter is an impressive feat, to field two is doubly so especially as, in this encounter, the result could have gone either way.

Brooke A were the first to strut their stuff but their opponents kept a tight lid on run scoring opportunities and wickets robbed them of any real momentum. They reached 25 by the end of the eighth and taking their power plays in the final two overs this could have easily doubled but disappointingly yielded only four runs as Brooke A ended on 130.

There was early encouragement for Brooke A with two wickets falling to the openers and they continued to frustrate the batsmen as the middle order failed to make any real headway. Still needing 19 from the tail-enders it ended with 13 required from the final two power play overs. A wicket would have sunk the B team but, helped by a few extras and careful batting, they crossed the finishing line to win the game by eight runs, ending an entertaining well balanced encounter with honours even.

Brooke A 130 for 4 (extras 24). Brooke B 138 for 4 (extras 26). Brooke B won by 8 runs.

U14 Round 6 January 23rd 2017

Gt.Melton v Gt.Ellingham

This was a much sharper performance from Ellingham as they pegged Melton back in the first four overs, taking three wickets and seizing the upper hand through their much improved effort in the field. Melton’s middle order moved the innings in the right direction as these two added 26 without loss. With a power play over beckoning towards the end, Melton had built a decent platform for a final push and had 135 on the board before the final two overs but Ellingham bagged three wickets in the last twelve balls as Melton’s charge evaporated.

This was not a large total to chase down but it was nerve wracking stuff as Ellingham inched their way towards the modest target. With the first pair totalling 8 and the second 14 just three were required from the final four overs. A wicket in the ninth offered a glimmer of hope to Melton but although they bowled and fielded with their usual proficiency, in the end they were unable to overcome Ellingham’s stubborn resistance.

Gt.Melton 124 for 5 (extras 20). Gt.Ellingham 134 for 2 (extras 20). Gt.Ellingham won by 10 runs.

Hethersett & Tas Valley v Old Buckenham

Tas were a little subdued with the bat but a good start by the first pair (26), set them on the road to a big score. After rather struggling with their line early in the game, Old Buckenham’s attack improved considerably restricting Tas’ middle order to just eight runs. The final two pushed on though and even with losing the only wicket of the innings, added a further 21 to finish on 158.

Old Buckenham looked more effective with the bat than in their earlier games and were far more proactive in looking for run singles. Unfortunately, much of their good work was undone by the loss of regular wickets and they were never able to build up a decent head of steam. Although well behind the rate, the tail enders took the game to Tas and for a brief moment the door was slightly ajar before Tas took a power play wicket in the eleventh over to end any chance of a real upset.

Hethersett & Tas Valley 158 for 1 (extras 22). Old Buckenham 132 for 7 (extras 22). Tas Valley won by 26 runs.

U12 Round 5 January 18th 2017

Acle v Brooke A

Brooke bowled and fielded excellently as Acle opened proceedings after the Christmas break. Run scoring opportunities were scarce here and with a power play wicket in the first four overs, Acle were only sixteen runs to the good by the halfway stage. Things improved slightly as the second pair pushed on, adding a further twenty, but four wickets towards the end of the innings put a brake on any real progress as they ended on 121.

This was probably not going to be enough and although Acle bowled and fielded just as well as their opponents, wickets at the vital moments eluded them and it was with Brooke batting sensibly and losing only a single wicket that they were able to walk away with a comfortable win in a well-balanced encounter.

Acle 121 for 6 (extras 28). Brooke A 144 for 1 (extras 22). Brooke A won by 23 runs.

Garboldisham v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Garboldisham endured a pretty torrid start to their innings as they lost three wickets in the first four overs. But from then on, fortunes changed as they found their rhythm both with batting and running. Pair two added 33 and the final duo 25 as they made the most of their power plays in a remarkable turnaround to set Tas a challenging target of 153.

This was a testing total but Tas made a great start, continued by the second pair, losing just the single wicket and requiring 22 from the tail enders. This was gripping stuff as the game swung one way and then the other, Tas moving ahead with a six (12) and then being pegged back by a wicket (-10), both in the penultimate power play over. With six required off the last half dozen balls it really was anyone’s game but Tas held their nerve to scrape home by the narrowest of margins in a wonderfully exciting and entertaining game.

Garboldisham 153 for 4 (extras 18). Hethersett & Tas Valley 156 for 4 (extras 22). Tas Valley won by 3 runs.

U14 Round 5 January 16th 2017

Rocklands v Topcroft

One man down after a last minute injury put Topcroft on the back foot right from the start. Even though Rocklands generously provided a substitute fielder, Topcroft’s bowling attack was inevitably diluted with extras adding to Rocklands’ total who, batting first, accumulated 26 off the first eight overs. But it was the final pair who provided some real momentum to the innings as 34 runs came from these last four overs.

It was nip and tuck at the half way stage with Topcroft almost exactly matching Rocklands’ effort but unfortunately their final overs were far less productive as Rocklands bagged four wickets to run out comfortable winners and maintain their unbeaten run.

Rocklands 162 for 4 (extras 32). Topcroft 115 for 7 (extras 26). Rocklands won by 47 runs.

Old Buckenham Girls v Old Buckenham

Batting first, the runs came slowly for Old Buckenham Girls and their reticence to attempt any running meant that they had to rely largely on extras and side wall singles to build a total. It was to be the final pair who were the stars of the innings with some aggressive running and the total mounted steadily, reaching 151 at one stage, before power play wickets off the last two balls disappointingly undid a large proportion of their good work.

As in the first game Old Buckenham reached an identical score after eight overs, requiring 15 from the final pair. Two power plays were to finish their innings and a wicket here could have scuppered their chances. There was to be a wicket off the very last ball but the heavy lifting had already been done as the boys won by 12 runs.

Old Buckenham Girls 131 for 7 (extras 28). Old Buckenham 143 for 7 (extras 20). Old Buckenham won by 12 runs.

U12 Round 4 December 8th 2016

Garboldisham v Brooke B

Garboldisham batted sensibly against some top class bowling. Technique is crucial, particularly in the indoor game, and they were frugal with their wickets, slowly building a decent score by frequently adopting the novel strategy of using a straight bat. Brooke fielded well though and Garboldisham had to work hard for their runs. With the first pair adding 13, the second 14 and the final two 19, Garboldisham’s loss of only two wickets enabled them to maximise this total as they ended on 148.

Brooke B lost two wickets in the first four overs and one in the second as Garboldisham piled on the pressure. Still needing 33 from the last pair it would be the final two power play overs that would decide the result. Tight bowling and a wicket meant that Brooke required 17 from the last twelve balls. These final two batted sensibly and with real commitment as they plundered the singles and, even losing a wicket (-10) off the penultimate ball, scraped home by 10 runs in an absorbing game watched by an appreciative audience.

Garboldisham 148 for 2 (extras 24). Brooke B 158 for 5 (extras 24). Brooke B won by 10 runs.

Mattishall v Hethersett & Tas Valley


This was another polished batting performance by Mattishall and they made excellent progress in the first eight overs with 41 already on the board. Having lost only a single wicket, here was an excellent platform for the final pair to exploit. But the closing four overs proved disappointing as Tas reined them in with three wickets and they were unable to add to the total.

It was the slowest of starts for Tas as Mattishall fielded carefully and bowled the fewest extras of the evening. This, along with loss of four wickets, meant that there was still plenty to do as the concluding pair strode to the crease. 22 were required from these two and it looked like they might nick it at the death with only 10 needed from the last two overs. But a wicket in the eleventh set them back and they had no choice but to abandon caution in a last dash for runs. But tonight it was not to be as Mattishall grabbed two late wickets for a well-earned 14 run win at the end of another exciting game.

Mattishall 140 for 4 (extras 24). Hethersett & Tas Valley 126 for 8 (extras 14). Mattishall won by 14 runs.

U14 Round 4 December 5th 2016

Gt.Ellingham v Hethersett & Tas Valley

There was little to set the pulse racing here as the competition paused for the Christmas break. Ellingham swatted and cross batted their way through their innings, seemingly intent on gifting Tas as many bowling points as possible, an offering they gratefully accepted. Ellingham’s 119 in the third over was to represent the pinnacle of their batting effort and from then on it was downhill all the way as they lost 14 wickets.

Tas were little better in the first part of their reply, having lost six wickets before the halfway stage but from then on things improved as the batsmen regained some control of the game and eventually ran out easy winners.

Gt.Ellingham 71 for 14 (extras 22). Hethersett & Tas Valley 129 for 7 (extras 16). Tas Valley won by 58 runs.

Gt.Melton v Old Buckenham Girls

Melton adopted a more cautious approach to batting losing few wickets. As a result the total mounted steadily with the first pair contributing 42, the second 19 and the third 10. Old Buckenham bowled pretty well and did take three wickets but were unable to prevent Melton posting a decent score.

In response, this was a much better batting effort from Bucks. There was some real aggression from some of the team and, with far with fewer wickets lost, they were to remain in positive territory for the whole of their innings. A couple of power play wickets took a little of the gloss off their efforts but even so they still finished on 121 to gain their first batting points of the season.

Gt.Melton 173 for 3 (extras 38). Old Buckenham Girls 121 for 5 (extras 30). Gt.Melton won by 52 runs.


U12 Round 3 November 30th 2016

Brooke A v Garboldisham

It was heavy going at the beginning of their innings for Brooke as Garboldisham bowled accurately and were much sharper in the field.  Run scoring opportunities were thin on the ground as the first pair lost three wickets and the second one. Only thirteen up at the start of the final four overs a run spree was needed. But the final two power play overs proved disappointing for Brooke as they lost two wickets and were only able to add a further thirteen runs.

Garboldisham were much more aggressive with their running than in their first fixture and, despite Brooke’s solid bowling and sterling commitment when fielding, the runs flowed freely. By the end of the first pair they were already level and the middle duo, even losing three wickets, still added a further sixteen. Steady progress was made in the penultimate twelve balls without loss but Brooke were still in it with the final two power play overs to come. But this final pair batted with real responsibility and although they did lose a wicket, in the end secured a comfortable win.

Brooke 126 for 7 (extras 12). Garboldisham 183 for 5 (extras 26). Garboldisham won by 57 runs.

U14 Round 3 November 28th 2016

Topcroft v Old Buckenham Girls

The first half of Topcroft’s innings was a strangely low key affair. There was little noise from the floor as Old Buckenham’s Girls wheeled away with more precision than previously. But Topcroft lost only one wicket in the first eight overs as the second pair accelerated the rate. There was considerable success for the Girls towards the close grabbing three wickets but Topcroft still finished on 161.

Although Old Buckenham’s Girls performance in the field showed a marked improvement, their batting largely remains a work in progress. There was too much hitting across the line with predictable results. The final pair showed some real proficiency with the bat and the side lost fewer wickets than in their earlier encounter - their progress as a cohesive unit continues.

Topcroft 161 for 4 (extras 20). Old Buckenham Girls 81 for 12 (extras 20). Topcroft won by 80 runs.

Old Buckenham v Rocklands

Five wickets in the first twelve balls was the worst possible start for Old Buckenham but their second pair repaired the innings and by the end of the eighth over were at least back in the black. Their power plays at the end could have delivered a competitive target but Rocklands never let them settle and their final total of 110 was unlikely to be enough.

Teams often make run gathering heavy going when chasing small targets and Rocklands scratched around early in their innings. Old Buckenham kept up the pressure with some great bowling and fielding leaving Rocklands only 11 ahead when the final two arrived at the crease. But their contribution propelled the game beyond Old Buckenham’s reach as their team made it two straight wins.

Old Buckenham 110 for 7 (extras 20). Rocklands 142 for 4 (extras 14). Rocklands won by 32 runs.

U12 Round 2 November 23rd 2016

The second round of the new U12 competition delivered another quality evening of youth sport as Acle sought to replicate their success from the previous week and three new teams took to the floor.

Mattishall v Brooke A

Mattishall’s first pair made an encouraging beginning to their innings against a polished bowling and fielding performance from Brooke, adding a net 15 after the loss of one wicket. Despite two wickets in the fifth over, Mattishall’s middle order still gathered a respectable further 15. Well set and with two power plays to come, the final third would decide the final outcome of the innings. With wickets in both the ninth and tenth, Brooke pegged Mattishall back and a single wicket in the final over restricted them to 134.

Mattishall’s total was a fairly modest one but Brooke were on the back foot right from the off against an equally accurate attack and were behind the rate after four overs. The second pair were similarly becalmed as they struggled to find the gaps and forward progress was painfully slow. It was anybody’s game as the last pairing took to the pitch and these two kept their wickets as they inched towards the target. In an exciting finish, a wicket in any of the last twelve power play balls would have sunk Brooke but they held their nerve to scrape home by seven runs.

Mattishall 134 for 6 (extras 14). Brooke 141 for 3 (extras 24). Brooke won by 7 runs.

Acle v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Acle, fresh from their success last week, made a disappointing opening losing three wickets, including one a power play, in their first four overs. That they still managed to add 18 was testament to their ability to press for runs at every opportunity. Pair two added another 21 providing the opportunity for a really high score. But Tas had other ideas bagging another three wickets to restrict Acle to 147.

Tas had the worst possible start when batting and it was not until the sixth over, after the loss of four wickets, that they managed to claw themselves back into positive territory. Quite frankly it looked like game over at this stage and even as the last two strode to the crease, they were still 30 short. Easily possible of course with a power play included but Acle’s impeccable line and length deserted them at this crucial time with a case of the yips and it was extras that were mainly responsible for taking the pressure of Tas. Like the first game, a power play wicket would have sunk them but they too held on to win the game by 11 runs.

Acle 147 for 7 (extras 24). Hethersett & Tas Valley 158 for 5 (extras 30). Tas Valley won by 11 runs.

U14 Round 2 November 21st 2016

Gt.Melton v Old Buckenham

Gt Melton maximised their frugal start to the game by holding on to their wickets - only one falling in the whole innings. This performance was largely down to the circumspect approach from the Melton batsmen rather than any lack of proficiency from Old Buckenham who bowled and fielded with real assurance.  Melton’s first two pairs added 38 providing an excellent platform for the final two who uncharacteristically ran amok adding 42 as their side finished on 180.

Old Buckenham similarly proceeded with caution for the first seven overs, matching Melton’s score until the eighth when back to back wickets brought their first setback. Another brace of wickets in the tenth left them needing 56 runs off the final two overs, both power plays.  They scored 30 in the eleventh bringing them tantalisingly close to the finishing line but a great final six balls from Melton frustrated their run chase as they fell 23 short at the end of a great game.

Gt.Melton 180 for 1 (extras 8). Old Buckenham 157 for 4 (extras 2). Gt.Melton won by 23 runs.

Gt.Ellingham v Topcroft

Compared to the generally restrained start in the first game, there was a far more raucous and energised approach from Gt.Ellingham who took every opportunity to get the scoreboard moving. And get it moving they did, scoring plenty of runs. Unfortunately though, whenever the force seemed to be with them, Topcroft struck back, regularly taking wickets and Ellingham were never really able to break free; their final return of 135 perhaps 20 short of a combative total.

Ellingham’s fielding was top notch for Topcroft’s reply but they didn’t have everything their own way, having to work hard for their runs. But Ellingham struggled with their line and contributed far too many extras to their opponent’s total – 34 altogether.  Because of this they were unable to exert any real pressure on Topcroft who sensibly batted out the final overs to win the game by 9 runs.

Gt.Ellingham 135 for 8 (extras 10). Topcroft 144 for 3 (extras 34). Topcroft won by 9 runs.

U12 Round 1 November 16th 2016

Garboldisham v Acle


Garboldisham made a confident start against an organised Acle side and despite their openers losing three wickets ended in positive territory on 108. The next pair pushed on and even with the loss of a power play wicket added a further 21. With Garboldisham looking to post a big score, Acle reined them in taking three wickets in the ninth over before a recovery in the last twelve balls, aided by a generous contribution of extras, enabled Garboldisham to finish on 152.

Certainly in the U14 league, such a total would win many games but Acle had other ideas and after a quiet opening two overs added an astonishing 42 runs in their second two to bring the scores level. From then on it was always an uphill struggle as Garboldisham endeavoured to restrain a confident Acle side who batted with real maturity. Two wickets for the middle pair and three for the tail end provided a glimmer of hope for Garboldisham but the hard work had already been done as Acle pushed on to run out winners by 23 runs.

This was an outstanding example of indoor cricket from two teams both new to the format who bowled, batted and fielded with real competence and commitment. If the other games come anywhere near to the standard displayed by these two sides, we are in for an extremely exciting season indeed.

Garboldisham 152 for 8 (extras 26).  Acle 175 for 5 (extras 20). Acle won by 23 runs.

U14 Round 1 November 14th 2016

Hethersett & Tas Valley v Old Buckenham Girls

Apart from a wicket off the first ball, Tas Valley made a bright start with their first pair adding 37. Old Buckenham’s Girls wrested back some control in the second four overs taking two wickets and restricting their opponents to 16 runs. But their discipline rather deserted them in the innings’ final period as Tas ran amok with some astute running and well-crafted shots; the final total of 224 an excellent return for their efforts.

Tas are a top team, extremely experienced at the indoor game, while the whole format is very new to Old Buckenham’s Girls. Tas in the end ran out easy winners but OB are sure to have learned plenty from this experience and will be able to build on their very promising start, particularly with the ball, in future games.

Rocklands v Gt.Melton

Rocklands made heavy going of batting against Gt.Melton’s trademark fielding and bowling performance which was again outstanding. Unable to gain any traction in the first eight overs totalling just 8 runs, salvation came with the final pair who, even with losing wickets, still nudged the tally to a reasonable, if underwhelming, 137.

While Melton’s brilliants efforts with the ball are a given, unfortunately all too often so is their failure to chase down modest totals. There was little impetus afforded to scoring at the front end of the innings and although they were well ahead of Rocklands’ rate by the eighth over, there was still plenty of work to do. Just thirteen short at the start of the eleventh power play over it should have been in the bag, but Rocklands bowled superbly taking four wickets in nine balls and with it the game by 28 runs.

Rocklands 137 for 6 (extras 10). Gt.Melton 109 for 10 (extras 10). Rocklands won by 28 runs.

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