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U14 Round 4 – Monday December 4th 2017

Old Buckenham v Topcroft

Neither team batting first on the evening were able to muster a total that put their opponents under any real pressure. Both Old Buckenham’s first pair lost two wickets but generally batted sensibly if without much urgency. It was left to the final go-to duo, so instrumental in their two previous wins, to transform this restrained start into a challenging target. They did pretty well too but Topcroft bowled and fielded with real tenacity at the death preventing a modest score from turning into a match winning one.

Topcroft were rather twitchy at the start of their reply but, helped by the generous contribution of extras, found themselves with only 12 needed off their last four overs, including two power plays. This final pair never looked like losing a wicket despite Old Buckenham’s best efforts and drew clear winning the game by 24 runs.

Old Buckenham 147 for 5 (7 points). Topcroft 171 for 3 (32 points).

Acle v Gt.Melton

Melton had clearly raided the dressing up box transforming themselves from nervous debutants into competition challengers. Acle wilted under their trademark bowling and fielding attack with both power plays proving disappointing. They did well to maintain their cohesion and in the end post a positive total to challenge Melton.

Melton’s fragility with the bat was considerably less obvious in their reply and they were only troubled during the middle section of their innings when Acle threatened to claw themselves back into the game; taking their only four wickets. Great credit to Acle’s sheer determination which kept them in the game up to the tenth over but Melton’s technique with the bat proved superior as the final pair, doing no more than was necessary, secured the first victory for their team.

Acle 123 for 7 (6 points). Gt.Melton 139 for 4 (30 points).

U14 Round 3 – Monday November 27th 2017

Gt.Ellingham v Rocklands

Gt.Ellingham bounced back from their narrow defeat against Old Buckenham turning in an assured performance with the bat to post the season’s highest total. Rocklands were pretty solid in the field but were unable to contain Ellingham’s exuberant second pair who added 63 making the most of their two power play overs. Rocklands restricted the final pair to just four runs as a consolation helped by an astonishing reaction catch.

There was little chance of Rocklands overhauling the huge total and instead they opted for a cautious approach. The first pairing hung in there well before a cascade of wickets for the second two obliterated any hope of an unlikely victory.

Gt.Ellingham 181 for 4 (39 points). Rocklands 67 for 11 (4 points).

Acle v Hethersett & Tas Valley

Two wickets in their first four overs, including a power play, prevented Acle from making any headway at the start of their innings and their middle order hesitated too much in their running losing several wickets to Tas’ assured fielding and throwing. It says much for the side’s determination that they managed to drag themselves back into positive territory with the final pair losing only a single wicket.

Chasing a non-existent total can often prove more challenging than a larger one and this was a nervy reply from Tas.  Acle bowled and fielded extremely well taking seven wickets and were in the game right up to the end when a couple of power play wickets could have sunk Tas; a solid effort from this young team.

Acle 100 for 8 (7 points). Hethersett & Tas Valley 132 for 7 (31 points).


U14 Round 2 – Monday November 20th 2017

Topcroft v Hethersett & Tas Valley

This was an entertaining and exciting start to the evening from two experienced indoor teams.

There were few fireworks from Topcroft’s opening two pairs and although they lost four wickets still added 31 to provide a perfect springboard for the final pairing. With the power plays eleven and twelve, the case with all sides tonight, the innings was delicately poised. This duo provided plenty of excitement adding a further 36 and totalling 167.

In reply, Tas exhibited similar restraint in the first two thirds of their innings and came to the last four overs on an almost identical score. With 141 on the board and their two power plays to finish their prospects looked positive before three wickets derailed their charge to the winning line. Topcroft bowled more tightly than Tas and this was largely the difference between the two sides.

Topcroft 167 for 9 (33 points). Hethersett & Tas Valley 143 for 7 (13 points).

Old Buckenham v Gt.Melton

Old Buckenham were the only team to have already played a game this season and it showed. Their first two pairs batted sensibly losing just two wickets. The result of this was an ideal platform for their buccaneering final duo who didn’t disappoint, scampering runs that others would have chosen to ignore. A huge score looked likely before Melton removed some of the gloss off Old Buckenham’s innings with power play wickets on their two final balls.

Melton bowled extremely well, a feature of their indoor game over the last few seasons. It is the bat with which they have often struggled. This was a young team who were almost all new to the indoor game and there is much to learn. They were really never in the hunt as wickets tumbled, some self-inflicted and some to Bucks’ assured performance with the ball. But they possess huge potential and, like Rocklands last week, will have learned much from this first outing.

Old Buckenham 145 for 6. (36 points). Gt.Melton 113 for 12. (7 points).

U14 Round 1 November 13th 2017

Rocklands v Acle

Last year’s title winners Rocklands, fielding a completely new side, took on U12 orphans Acle in the first fixture of the seventh season.

Acle though, having played in the short lived U12 competition last year, were the more experienced and with their accurate attack soon had the new boys in trouble. A clutch of wickets fell in the first four overs from which Rocklands never recovered. Wickets tumbled throughout the innings although the second pair were the most resilient.

No heroics were required by Acle as they chased a negative total but Rocklands bowled steadily taking six wickets. This was not enough to put their opponents under any real pressure but must offer some encouragement for their campaign and hopefully they will have enjoyed the experience and learned much from this rather bruising first encounter.

Rocklands 58 for 12 (6 points).  Acle 139 for 6 (35 points).

Gt.Ellingham v Old Buckenham

Ellingham adopted an aggressive approach from the off in their innings with a tip and run strategy. But Old Buckenham’s tight fielding and Ellingham’s recurrent hesitation led to an avalanche of wickets early on. Regrouping from this initial shock, they abandoned the tactic and, without losing any further wickets, rebuilt their innings with the second pair adding 32 and the third 14 ending on 135.

Bucks looked pretty comfortable early on chasing this modest total but Ellingham bowled and fielded with increasing confidence as the second pair lost seven wickets, several of their own making with often injudicious shot selection. With fifty still needed the final pair had plenty to do but their tip and run strategy prevailed where Ellingham’s had failed. The final two overs, both power plays, saw them still 38 short of the target but they displayed great maturity with some excellent shots and fearless running. A difficult chance behind the stumps off the fourth ball of the last over could have derailed their efforts but they held their nerve to scrape home by three runs in a pulsating game.

Gt.Ellingham 135 for 6 (13 points). Old Buckenham 138 for 10 (29 points).

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