2018 U15 Tuesday August 28th  - Norwich, Hethersett & Tas Valley, Rocklands & Gt.Melton
2018 U13 Thursday August 30th -  Lowestoft Town, Gt.Melton, Old Buckenham & Norwich
2018 U11 Friday August 31st - Mundford, Gt.Melton, Norwich & Topcroft

The competition

This is the third Cricket Carnival Cup, sponsored by Regional Car Parks, and will feature the top two teams from both leagues at U11, U13 and U15 level.

These are not finals days as the winners of all SNCL leagues will have already been decided but a special cup competition in its own right with slightly different rules and format (see below). Each team will play a semi-final in the morning and then a final or third/fourth place playoff in the afternoon.

See the guidance notes below for further details of the three days.


The principal rules for the tournament will follow those of the SNCL published here with the following additions and exceptions.

a). Innings will be split into four quarters of four overs each. Fielders, bowlers and umpires will only change ends after the fourth, eighth and twelfth overs. At the conclusion of all other overs, only the batters will switch ends. A drinks break, if necessary, will be taken after the eighth over.
b). The batting side will nominate two power play overs – one in overs 1-8 and one in overs 9-16. These can be decided at any time during the relevant period and notified to the fielding side before the first ball of that nominated over is bowled, the fielding side then having the option to change the proposed bowler (subject to rule 6). All runs scored in the power play overs (including extras) will count as double their normal value.
c). Squads may comprise up to 11 players (although only a maximum of eight may be on the field at any one time) and substitute fielders (who may also bowl) can be deployed and removed at the end of the fourth, eighth and twelfth overs only. Players who have been substituted earlier may return later to the game. The team manager or captain will be responsible for such substitutions. When batting, any of the squad may be chosen (up to a maximum of eight) whether or not they have participated at any other stage of the game. Please note that normal County Player rules apply for these days i.e. only one boy per game and an unlimited number of county girls. You may of course bring two county boys but only one may play in each fixture.
d). The Last Man Stands rule will be adopted for the final pair of batters and the innings will only end when all eight batters have been dismissed. The final not out batter will use their dismissed partner as a runner until they are out themselves or sixteen overs are completed. The normal retirement rules will not apply to the last man standing.
e). Normal retirement rules will apply in these games (see rule 3) with the variation that batters, once retired, may not return to the crease.

Guidance notes

Welcome to the third SNCL Carnival Cup Day, a day we hope will deliver beautiful weather and exciting cup cricket to mark the end of our twelfth summer season.
Please ensure that you arrive on time at 10.30am for registration and team photographs. You can find the location of the ground here.

The four teams on each day will be allocated changing rooms. As there will be four teams playing along with umpires we regret that there will be no dedicated changing facilities for girls at the ground.

Players and spectators should bring their own packed lunch or picnic for the day. Hot beverages and soft drinks will be available to purchase throughout the event.  

Umpires will be provided for all games. This will leave team managers free to organise substitutions (see rule c above) and organise their squad.

Clubs must provide a scorer for the day.

This is a Carnival Day and teams may wear clothing other than cricket whites as long as a uniform approach to appearance is adopted by all of the squad.

There will be £25 fee per team for each day which will help with the costs for independent umpires, ground hire, cricket balls and trophies etc. This should be in the form of cash or cheques, payable to SNCL, and paid prior to the start of the day. It may also be settled in advance via direct transfer to our account. Please contact us for details.

The League presumes permission to photograph all participants on the days unless specifically advised otherwise at team registration. These may appear on The League’s website, Facebook page and in the local press.

All clubs should ensure that they have the appropriate insurance cover in place. The League cannot accept responsibility for accident or injury, howsoever caused.

In case of postponement, please see the notes below.


10.30 Registration and team photographs
11.00 Match 1
13.15 Lunch
14.00 Match 2
16.15 Presentations
16.30 Finish

About our sponsor

Founded in 1994 by Shapoor Naghshineh with a single site in Norwich, Regional Car Parks Ltd. now manages more than one hundred locations throughout the UK.

Along with its sister company, Sekura-Byk which specialises in cycle security systems, RCP has been supporting youth cricket in the county for nearly twenty years and was the primary sponsor of the original Cricket Carnival, hosted by Mulbarton CC, which ran from 2001 to 2010.

The SNCL is delighted to renew our partnership in delivering exciting and innovative opportunities for our young cricketers.


Sprowston CC is well prepared for inclement weather and every effort will be made to go ahead, even if this involves reducing the length of the games. Updates will be posted on Facebook and The League website in case of disruption so please consult these if in doubt.

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