Coaches & managers March update

  • Entry has now closed for our 2021 Summer Leagues just two short of our record total for last year’s cancelled season. Thank you all for your continued support of the SNCL. Please check, if you have not already done so, that all of your teams are correctly recorded on our confirmed entries page here.
  • Cautiously optimistic are the current watchwords for this summer’s competitions as we have all learned that in these turbulent times nothing is guaranteed.
  • We have made some changes for this year with the removal, apart from the U11 league, of specified fixture windows. Clubs will be free to schedule their games at a time most convenient to both sides. We achieved considerable success with this approach in reducing no results at U17 level so are now extending it on a trial basis to other groups too.
  • With a level of uncertainty for many clubs as to the number of returning cricketers, the relatively small U9 leagues are seen as particularly vulnerable to withdrawals and fixture cancellations. Should this be the case, we will look at some level of amalgamation to ensure that all viable sides can access a decent amount of competitive cricket.
  • We intend to run a summer Carnival Day sometime in August (covid permitting) and are currently exploring opportunities and venues. We shall be waiting to see how life appears when restrictions are eased before releasing any further details.

    • Fixtures and league tables have now been published.

March 3rd 2021

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