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 South Norfolk Community League
    Incorporating The Broadland Youth Cricket League

Summer and winter youth cricket leagues - established 2007

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Privacy Notice


1. How do we collect your information?

The SNCL (South Norfolk Community League) collects your information in three ways-

1a. Either by the completion of a Register of Interest Form where individuals provide a single e-mail address only. All of these submissions are automatically added to our newsgroup.
1b. Or from those included on submitted entry forms in any particular season. These details are more comprehensive comprising not only e-mail addresses but also personal telephone numbers. All those included on League entry forms are automatically added to our newsgroup.
1c. Or from e-mail addresses included on contact us forms.

2. How do we use your information?

2a. We use the data from respondents completing our online Register of Interest Form (1a) to distribute regular newsletters communicating news and information about our competitions. These details are not shared, published or distributed in any way to third parties and remain wholly confidential from others. You may unsubscribe from this at any time.
2b. Personal details collected via entries (1b) are treated in the following manner -
• zipleague
- all details remain wholly confidential and are not circulated or distributed in any way, even to other participants within the same competition.
• Summer leagues - details collected via
1b, WITH CONSENT, are published on our website. This is an open page and may be freely viewed by anyone therefore those included must accept that the SNCL cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the use of such information by third parties. You have the right to withhold consent for open publication of your details and these will be circulated confidentially only on a strictly need to know basis. i.e. current youth managers and coaches.    
Details received via our contact us forms (1c) are not retained and included e-mail addresses are NOT added to our Newsgroup(s).

3. What are your rights?

At any time you can exercise the right to -

3a. Request a copy of your personal information we currently hold on our database (1a & 1b).
3b. Have any incorrect information rectified within a reasonable time (1b).
3c. Withhold personal information being published on our Contact details website page (1b) and request that this only be circulated confidentially. You have the option to exercise this choice when completing a Summer Leagues entry form (1b).
We will not share this information about you without your consent.
3d. Have some or all of your details permanently deleted from our database at any time (1a & 1b).

4. How long do we keep these details?

4a. Newsgroup database details (1a & 1b) are retained until recipients unsubscribe via a link included on our newsletters when all of their details held by SNCL are deleted. Many of those registered in this way continue to receive SNCL news long after any involvement with the league has ended.
4b. Information relating to summer league entries (1b), whether published or not, is held until the end of the season to which it relates. After this it is removed from the website, archived for a period of two years and then deleted and/or removed from our database unless such persons remain current subscribers to our Newsgroup(s).

We do not collect home addresses or financial information, nor do we distribute any of the data we hold to third parties for any reason whatsoever (see section 2b – Summer Leagues for exceptions).


The SNCL is keen to promote positive images of children playing cricket but photographs are considered personal data in terms of the Data Protection Act. Consent from either the child, adult, or both should be sought before capturing, sharing or publishing images where a child can be identified, including posting on the league’s website and social networking pages.

5. How do we collect photographs?

We gather images in two ways.
Photographs captured by the SNCL itself, predominantly at our winter zipleague competition. Occasionally additional team photographs may also be taken by the SNCL during the course of the summer.
5b. Images submitted by clubs or individuals themselves.

6. What do we do with these images?
Photos captured via both methods (5a & 5b) are treated in the same manner. They may be published on The League’s website and/or Facebook page and some may appear in the local press.

7. What are your rights regarding photographic images?

At any time you can exercise the option to -
Request details of any images we hold of you.
7b. Have some or all of your images we publish on our various portals removed and permanently deleted or your face obscured in such images.

8. How long do we retain these images?

All of the images collected and published by SNCL are permanently retained unless removed via a request from a person(s) featuring in that individual photograph (7b).
As images are published on open platforms and may be freely viewed by anyone the SNCL cannot be held responsible in any way whatsoever for the use of such information by third parties.

9. How do we control permissions on the photographs we publish?
Depending on the circumstance, consent from either the child, adult, or both should be sought before capturing, sharing or publishing images where a child can be identified. We will manage these requirements in the following ways.
9a. We shall take all steps to ensure that young cricketers featuring in any of our captured images have freely consented to their inclusion.
9b. We will not personally caption or identify individuals, except with specific permission, in any of our published content.
9c. At our indoor zipleague or other organised competitions we may accept permission by proxy from the relevant team coaches/ managers that they have sought and obtained the necessary disclosures to allow capturing and publication of their team’s images.
9d. Clubs submitting individual or team photographs should accompany these with a declaration that they have sought and obtained the necessary disclosures to allow publication of such images.
9e. At all times it will be made clear that any young cricketer may freely exclude themselves from participating in the team photographs at any of our competitions.

SNCL February 2019

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