2021 Bowlers' Roll of Honour

Players in all leagues taking three or more wickets in a single fixture appear here. Those with the best figures in each competition receive a personally engraved salver at the end of the season.

5 for 7 U15 Fraser Evans of Gt. Melton v Mulbarton August 5th
4 for 0 U15 J.Carter of Rocklands v Old Buckenham August 10th
4 for 3 U13 Jack Lark of Topcroft v Norwich August 24th
4 for 4 U11
Saraavanamuttu Sami of Sprowston v Horsford June 13th
4 for 5 U15 George Ryan of Gt Melton v Mundford June 14th
4 for 10 U15
Sam McKay of Gt.Melton v Rocklands May 12th
4 for 11 U13 Will Hurrell of Tas Valley v Saxlingham July 9th 
4 for 16 U17 Harry Ryan of Gt Melton v A & B Wanderers June 27th
4 for 18 U13 Girls Sophia Betts of Swardeston v Gt.Melton July 29th
4 for 22 U13 Jake Woods of Horsford v Tas Valley May 23rd
3 for 0 U13 Alice Brand of Gt.Melton v Gt.Ellingham July 21st
3 for 0 U11 Alfie Pegg of A & Barton Wanderers v Bungay August 22nd
3 for 2 U13 Angus Lowder of Gt.Melton v Gt.Ellingham July 21st
3 for 2 U11 Jamie Owen of Horsford v A & Barton Wanderers July 18th
3 for 3 U11 Joseph Dwyer of Norwich v Horsford June 6th
3 for 3 U13 Ted Adams of Sprowston v Tas Valley May 5th
3 for 4 U11 Alex Collins of Mundford v Rocklands June 13th
3 for 5 U15 Lambert of Garboldisham v Tas Valley June 30th
3 for 5 U13 Olly Last of Hethersett & Tas Valley v Norwich June 14th
3 for 5 U13 Ted Adams of Sprowston v Norwich June 16th
3 for 5 U9 Francesca Bailey of Gt Melton v Sprowston June 15th
3 for 5 U11 Ben Harrison of Old Buckenham v Mundford June 6th
3 for 5 U15 Aiden Chamberlain of Tas Valley v Gt.Melton June 16th
3 for 6 U11 L.Roy of Tas Valley v Horsford May 23rd
3 for 6 U15 H.Nanayakkara of Tas Valley v Rocklands August 11th
3 for 8 U15 Sam Yellop of Sprowston v A&B Wanderers August 5th
3 for 8 U11 Joseph Dwyer of Norwich v Hethersett & Tas Valley June 13th
3 for 9 U11 Stanley of Acle v Topcroft June 13th
3 for 9 U15 Billy Hutchinson of Lowestoft Town v Norwich August 24th
3 for 11 U15 O.Dwight of Rocklands v Tas Valley August 11th
3 for 11 U17 James Cross of Brooke v Ashmanaugh June 6th
3 for 11 U13 Olly Last of Tas Valley v Sprowston May 5th
3 for 11 U11 Evan Tovell of Gt Ellingham v Rocklands May 16th
3 for 13 U17 James Cooper of Gt.Melton v Tas Valley July 23rd
3 for 15 U17 S.Buxton of Ashmanaugh v Acle June 21st
3 for 17 U9 Nathaneal Pilch of A&B Wanderers v Sprowston July 4th

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