zipleague rules & guidance notes

zipleague rules

1. A Reader windball will be used.
2. Pads, helmets and batting gloves are not required. Non marking footwear must be worn.
3. Abdominal protectors may be worn but this is not compulsory.
4. Batters will use cut down training bats the blade width of which may not exceed 60mm on any part of the face. These are provided – players should NOT bring their own bats unless they conform to the above dimensions.
5. Coloured clothing may be worn.
6. Teams will not need to score their own games unless they wish to do so – this will be done for you.
7. Players (boys) must be 13 or under on 31st August 2020 (separate rules apply to girls). Click here for details.
8. Each team will provide a square leg umpire only who should be familiar with the rules.
9. A maximum of one (boy) county player only per side. There is no limit to the number of county girls.
10. Teams shall be of six players each.
11. The pitch shall be 21 yards.
12. Each team will start with one hundred runs.
13. Each innings shall consist of 12 six ball overs.
14. All members of the fielding side will bowl two overs. These may not be consecutive.
15. The wicket keeper will bowl and may be changed at the end of any over – they may use gloves.
16. Batsmen will bat in pairs for four overs. They will retire after this.
17. Runs will be scored as below but each time a wicket is lost five runs will be deducted. A batter who is out may not face the next ball.
18. Bowling will be from one end only. Batters will change ends after each over (subject to rule 17).
19. Batters may be out as for normal cricket including deliberate LBW.
20. Batters may be caught off the walls as long as the ball has not touched the floor. Batters may not be caught off the rear boundary wall if the ball has hit this directly. A four is signalled and the ball is then dead (see rule 22).
21. Six runs will be scored if the ball (hit by a batter) crosses the rear boundary (behind the bowler) after first striking the ground but without striking either siewall. The batter shall remain at the striker’s end.
22. Four runs will be scored if the ball (hit by a batter) directly crosses the rear boundary (behind the bowler) without first striking the ground. The batter shall remain at the striker’s end.
23. If the ball hit by the batter crosses the spectator boundary line (behind the bowler) after first striking any part of the side wall(s), four runs shall be scored and the ball will be dead. The batter shall remain at the striker’s end. There are no overthrows in this competition.
24. Wides and no balls will count as 2 runs and will not be bowled again except in the last two overs.
25. One run will be scored when the ball hits the side wall in addition to any other runs scored.
26. If the ball hits the rear wall directly behind the striker (whether from the bat or not) one run is scored and the ball remains live. One run will still be scored if the ball is a no ball or wide and any other runs (from the wide, no ball or any run singles etc.) added to the total.
27. Batters will be out if the ball strikes any part of the ceiling. If it remains trapped in the side netting (at Notre Dame High School) three runs shall be scored and the ball will be dead.
28. One single run between the wickets will count as two runs to the batting side.
29. Batters may not steal a run – they can be run out after one warning by the bowler, at the non striker’s end. This warning will apply to both batters at the crease.
30. Each batting side will nominate a Powerplay of two overs which need not be consecutive. This to be notified to the bowling side, umpires and scorers prior to the innings. In these overs all runs scored and wickets taken will be doubled (i.e. 10 deducted for a wicket, 8 scored for a boundary, 4 for a wide etc).
31. The winning team will be the one with the most (net) runs. Points will be awarded as follows; win-20pts, each wicket taken-1 pt, each net 10 runs scored (over 100)-1 pt.

zipleague guidance notes

● Teams should arrive fifteen minutes before their scheduled start time.
● On no account should players enter the school hall until invited to do so. If you arrive early, please wait in the lobby.
● Only players and umpires/coaches are permitted in the sports hall playing area. Spectators may watch from the back but must keep behind the barriers at all times.
● It is expected that whites are worn for this competition but teams may wear coloured clothing as long as a cohesive appearance is adopted (i.e. not everyone wearing different colours – no soccer items).
● PLAYERS SHOULD NOT BRING CRICKET BAGS as all equipment is provided. Changing rooms are available and any belongings should be left there. There should be no personal belongings, including drinks, left in the playing area.
● Hot food or drinks are not permitted in the sports hall. Players may bring their own cold drinks (no glass bottles).
● Players may choose to wear an abdominal protector (cricket box) although this is not compulsory.
● Please click the link here for detailed directions and parking guidance at our venue – Notre Dame High School.
● Participating teams will be regularly photographed and these images will appear on the website, facebook and in the local press. The League presumes permission for this unless specifically informed otherwise by team managers.
● Score sheets are provided by The League (download here) but teams will not be required to score their own games unless they wish to do so. Each team should provide a square leg umpire.
● There may be occasions when sessions need to be cancelled at short notice because of hazardous weather. Managers should ensure they check their messages if this is considered a possibility.
● All visitors and players should treat the school grounds and hall with respect and consideration for others.
● Team managers should ensure that their club insurance covers players for the duration of this competition. The League cannot accept responsibility for loss or injury, howsoever caused, while players, parents, spectators or team managers are on the premises.
● Teams are advised to bring their own Reader windball or similar to warm up before their game. Hard balls should not be brought to, or used in, the school hall.

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