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Round 8 February 11th 2019

Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers v Hethersett & Tas Valley U11

Wanderers have adapted quickly to the new format and again turned in an impressive performance against Tas Valley’s young U11 team. There were improvements all round in evidence and while Wanderers prospered with the bat, Tas upped their game fielding and bowling with considerably more consistency.

After early setbacks to their first pair, Wanderers rarely looked back, their second duo delivering an almost perfect 41 runs from their four overs before the tail enders added a further 38. Tas bowled well at the death restricting Wanderers to just twelve off their two power plays and claiming two wickets but their final total was the joint highest of the season.

Undaunted by the huge target, Tas batted and ran for all they were but frequent wickets constantly nibbled at their progress. But this was a confident performance against a well organised and motivated team and their best is still ahead of them.

Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers 185 for 5 (40 points).
Hethersett & Tas Valley 117 for 12 (6 points).

Gt.Melton v Gt.Ellingham

Melton’s innings in the second fixture embraced a more sedate approach to the game and their total of 123 at the halfway mark achieved more by careful protection of their wickets than attention to run scoring. Ellingham were more consistent with the ball in this game and runs did not come easily. They captured four wickets from Melton’s final pair limiting them to a fairly modest total of 140.

Bowling wise, there was little to choose between the two teams but Melton were more organised with their running. Ellingham lost too many wickets to run outs and this weighed heavily on their ability to challenge the total. In the end it proved a rather easier than expected win for Melton.

Gt.Melton 140 for 4 (34 points). Gt.Ellingham 100 for 10 (4 points).

Round 7 Monday February 4th 2019

Acle v Old Buckenham

Old Buckenham mustering only four players offered little advantage for opponents Acle who sportingly donated substitute fielders to enable the game to go ahead. Acle could choose who bowled and batted again but this choice was little help simply being between the good and the very good.

But Acle made a smashing start, adding 42 off their first four overs; unfortunately the zenith of their innings as regular wickets fell and the score drifted downwards to finish only another one run to the good.

Old Buckenham’s finest pair again made hay adding an impressive 56 helping the team to post 168. Acle really deserved more from the game and their sporting gesture was not lost on the supportive crowd.

Acle 143 for 8 (7 points). Old Buckenham 168 for 3 (34 points).

Hethersett & Tas Valley U14 v Garboldisham

The second game became something of a demolition job played in an uncannily silent hall. Tas Valley batting first were never really under any pressure from this improving Garboldisham side. There was a measure of success for the bowlers and the fielding was considerably improved on their last outings but Tas were just too good for them setting an unlikely target of 190.

A flurry of wickets early in the winnings buried any chance of Garby seriously challenging the huge total and 108 was the best it got. But there were green shoots in evidence here with a more aggressive approach to their running and many of this young team with more experience could have a bright future here.

Hethersett & Tas Valley 189 for 3 (40 points). Garboldisham 93 for 12 (3 points).

Round 6 Monday January 28th 2019

Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers v Gt.Melton

Having impressed on their first outing, Wanderers started positively against a robust Melton attack and helped by dropped catches they had 39 on the board after eight overs before being pegged back in the final session to finish on 138. Wanderers batted confidently, scoring plenty but losing wickets too, most of them run outs, and there was potential with more judicious running to post another twenty at least.

There was no expectation that Melton would be troubled in chasing down such a small total but Wanderers fielded stunningly and it wasn’t until the final four overs, containing both power plays, that Melton approached the winning line. But a wicket in the tenth had scores level before another in the first power play left five still required from the last six balls; a superb final over yielding only four runs to produce the first ever tied match in the zipleague competition. What a game – well done everyone.

Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers 138 for 7 (16 points). Gt.Melton 138 for 3 (20 points).

Topcroft v Hethersett & Tas Valley U11

The second game was a calmer affair as Tas grappled with their line and Topcroft were grateful to accept the extras without needing to chase down singles. There was some well-earned success for the bowlers but they were unable to prevent Topcroft from posting a substantial total.

Tas batted more confidently than in their first game with the second pair particularly assertive; some big hitting keeping the board moving and for a while there was the outside chance of another upset. But regular wickets stifled their ambition and a return of 150 was an excellent performance against the current title holders.

Topcroft 185 for 3 (36 points). Hethersett & Tas Valley U11 150 for 8 (8 points).

Round 5 Monday January 21st 2019

Acle v Hethersett & Tas Valley

A young Acle side featuring three debutants turned in a gutsy performance against their older and more experienced opponents. This was never a game they were going to win but they refused to be intimidated with their second pair performing particularly well. They are to be commended for finishing the innings twenty runs to the good against a well organised Tas attack.

Tas were on particularly solid form with the bat and had already overhauled the target by the third over. This could have been a truly monstrous score but Acle bowled tightly and fielded with real gusto limiting Tas in the end to 180.

Acle 120 for 9 (5 points). Hethersett & Tas Valley 180 for 3 (37 points).

Rocklands v Old Buckenham

Losing early wickets Rocklands struggled to make any real headway in the first part of their innings as Old Buckenham pinned them down with some positive bowling and fielding. The second six overs saw an improvement in their fortunes but the power plays rather disappointed and their final total of 155 looked a trifle fragile.

Old Buckenham often rely on their final sparkling pair to deliver the goods but tonight the first four, boosted by Rocklands rather erratic attack littered with extras,  provided a perfect platform for these two taking the total to within twenty of the target for the loss of only one wicket. Sometimes this last pair, having too much to do have imploded, but not tonight as they added an almost faultless fifty runs to remain the only unbeaten side in group one.

Rocklands 155 for 6 (6 points). Old Buckenham 184 for 1 (34 points).

Round 4 Monday December 10th 2018

Gt.Melton v Topcroft

Melton chose to bat first and made heavy going of it in the first four overs against some polished Topcroft bowling. But an excellent effort from the second pair totalling 42 runs without loss restored Melton’s momentum and a large total now looked possible. But wickets in  the ninth, tenth and eleventh overs halted Melton’s charge while the two power plays proved rather lacklustre, delivering only a further 14 runs. Still 166 was a good score and enough to win most games.

Topcroft made a rather better start to their innings adding 27 without loss by the halfway mark but wickets in the seventh and eighth left them requiring 41 from the final pair and the game delicately balanced. With another wicket this became 42 from 3 and then 34 from 2. Both these last two overs, both power plays, would decide the result and while Topcroft rode their luck sprinting between the wickets, the ball would just not stick in the hands for Melton, as Topcroft scored 36 from these final twelve balls, the result only decided on the final delivery, to win the game by 3 runs.

Gt.Melton 166 for 5 (9 points). Topcroft 169 for 3 (31 points).

Gt.Ellingham v Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers


Ellingham are always a hugely entertaining team to watch. And tonight was no different with their innings comprising a tip and run policy blended with frequent run outs. Still their raw enthusiasm and willingness to run on almost anything at least compensated for these wickets. Ashmanaugh and Barton Wanderers playing their first game in the competition showed real maturity in this first appearance bagging seven wickets and restricting Ellingham to 150.

With Ashmanaugh losing four wickets early on, a rout looked possible but their second pair batted solidly taking advantage of the butter fingers that had similarly afflicted Melton in the first game and adding 37 to take them within ten runs of the target. Just two shy of a win, the eleventh over power play would be crucial. With runs scored and a wicket taken Ashmanugh just needed to bat out the final over which they accomplished comfortably, adding a further two singles for good measure to win the game by seven runs.

Gt.Ellingham 150 for 7 (11 points). Ashmanaugh & Barton Wanderers 157 for 6 (32 points).

Round 3 Monday November 19th 2018

Rocklands v Hethersett & Tas Valley U14

This was a slow start to Rocklands’ innings with their only runs in the first eight overs coming from extras or side wall singles. This, combined with the loss of four wickets, meant that the scoreboard made little positive progress. But as in their first game they were rescued by the efforts of the final pair who added a robust 28 runs to set Tas a target of 136.

Rocklands had rather more luck with the ball though and Tas had to work hard for their runs against a cohesive attack and polished bowling performance. Even after eight overs and five wickets Tas had still not overhauled Rocklands’ modest total and it was left to the final pairing to drive the bus home with some quick running and lusty hitting.

Rocklands 135 for 7 (9 points). Hethersett & Tas Valley U14 181 for 6 (35 points).

Garboldisham v Acle

After an extremely cautious start, a solid eighth over power play added 26 runs to provide Garboldisham’s final pairing with a decent platform on which to build a generous total. Unfortunately though, there was a complete lack of communication between these last two who lost six wickets largely unnecessarily through run outs. Even with Acle gifting them a final twelve ball over that comprised six extras the eventual tally was a meagre 135.

Acle didn’t hold back as their first pair showed how the game should be played with quick running and straight hitting. This was a whirlwind start to the innings with Garboldisham’s three wickets barely denting the rapid progress from these two. There was really little left for the rest of the team to do other than play sensibly. Even though they lost wickets they never wasted an opportunity to run the singles and this made all the difference; the second pair adding 26 and the last two another 18 as Acle posted the second highest score of the season.

Garboldisham 135 for 8 (10 points). Acle 179 for 7 (35 points).

Round 2 Monday November 12th 2018

Gt.Ellingham v Topcroft

It was heartening to see that, even with an almost completely new team, Gt.Ellingham still retained the wonderful buccaneering spirit in which they play the game. There was no stopping them in this first fixture of group two with almost every stroke worthy of a run single. But some over optimistic calling teamed with Topcroft’s high standard of fielding resulted in runs galore but unfortunately plenty of wickets too. They weren’t all run outs though as Topcroft bagged eleven wickets from the first two pairs in a polished performance before a level of redemption came from the final pair who managed to add a spirited 30 to at least leave themselves something to bowl at.

Buoyed by their late resurgence with the bat, Ellingham set about making life difficult for Topcroft who rather toiled towards the modest target. Five wickets from the first eight overs left the final pair with still plenty to do and although there was a feeling that Topcroft should have put the game to bed long ago, they still required 10 from the final over, a power play. Nerves were a-jangling as they just managed to scrape through; with two wides at the end flattering their margin of victory.

Gt.Ellingham 136 for 13 (7 points). Topcroft 147 for 4 (37 points).

Hethersett & Tas Valley U11 v Gt.Melton

This was always going to be a difficult game for Tas’ U11 side in their first taste of indoor cricket against an experienced Melton side, many of whom had played the game before.

Melton have always been a strong bowling side in this competition and Tas not surprisingly found the going hard work against their sturdy attack. But Tas were prepared to look for the runs in an energetic innings which, like Ellingham before them, brought a combination of copious runs alongside plentiful wickets.

An early two wickets from Tas curtailed Melton’s run rate but from the second pair onwards, the total mounted steadily. There were to be another two wickets for Tas including one off the final ball of the game as they stuck to their task with several outstanding bowling performances from this young team. They still have much to learn but this was a determined debut bristling with potential.


Hethersett & Tas Valley U11 106 for 9 (4 points). Gt.Melton 167 for 4 (35 points).

Round 1 Monday November 5th 2018

Rocklands v Garboldisham

New season, new venue and it was Rocklands, 2016-17 champions, who batted first against a Garboldisham team returning to the competition after a year’s absence. Rocklands’ young team had matured since last season, making a confident start to their innings with the first two pairs both adding positive contributions. Garboldisham were unable to dislodge the batsmen in the first part of the game but some accurate throwing led to three run outs from direct hits before Rocklands’ last two, even with the loss of two wickets, added a further 26 runs to post the first total of the year; 155.

Garboldisham were also prone to running jitters losing some rather unnecessary wickets but, even with this, they made solid progress towards their objective and with just 32 needed from the last pair they were probably still favourites at this stage. But a hat trick of wickets in the eleventh power play over turned the game around as Rocklands, in the end, ran out comfortable winners.

Rocklands 155 for 5 (34 points). Garboldisham 102 for 9 (5 points).

Hethersett & Tas Valley U14 v Old Buckenham

Tas’ first two pairs had a pretty torrid time against by far the best attack of the evening, losing seven wickets in the first eight overs. It was down to their final pair to deliver a gutsy 49 runs and post a decent total; 145. Old Buckenham delivered only 14 extras in an impressive performance so early in the season.

But Old Buckenham rather fluffed their lines early on and the runs came agonisingly slowly; just 14 off the first eight overs. But the platform was there and the final pairing, one that entertained us all so much last season, added a further 27 off the penultimate two overs before the final power plays. They too had matured over the year, skilfully managing the run rate and, although there was a late run out offering Tas a glimmer of hope, it was not to be as these two did just what was required and nothing more.

Hethersett & Tas Valley U14 145 for 7 (8 points). Old Buckenham 153 for 3 (32 points).

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